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Client area

You Are Appreciated

First, thank you for being such an awesome client! I’ve created this page to provide a little guidance on moving forward.

On this page you’ll find:

  • Where to find additional help
  • How to use your files
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to help you use what I’ve provided you with
  • Recommended professionals
  • How I can help you in the future

Additional Help

If you need more help than this tutorials page provides, I highly recommend these guides and resources:

[LINK TO GUIDES/RESOURCES ON THE WEB. For example, if you create Squarespace websites, link to Squarespace Support!]

How to use your files

Download your files.

Because there is a limit to how long I keep files, you are responsible for downloading your files and keeping them in a safe place.

Make a backup of your files!

I highly recommend duplicating your files and storing the duplicate on the cloud (like in Dropbox/Google Drive). I’ve saved your files in really large sizes and in various file types.

Here’s a breakdown of what the file types should be used for:

  • PSD. This file is for Photoshop. 
  • AI. This file is for Adobe Illustrator and it’s a vector file. This means that it can be scaled bigger or smaller without losing quality.
  • JPEG. You can use JPEGs for projects on the web, in Microsoft Office documents or for projects that require printing at a high resolution.
  • PNG. PNG’s can be used on the web but not in print. The reason PNG’s are used for most web projects is because of their transparent background. It makes a sharper, web-quality image.
  • PDF. You can view these design files without design editing software. This is suitable for print.
  • EPS. This is suitable for print.

Video tutorials

For example:

How to create a blog post on your new website
How to add a plugin to your website
How to update your website
How to create a shop on your website
How to access your new photos from your phone
How to style your Instagram grid layout

Copywriter, brand designer of fotograaf inhuren?

Here’s a list of creatives I think could benefit your business.  


List 3 you trust and recommend

Brand designer

List 3 you trust and recommend


List 3 you trust and recommend

I need to work with you again!

No problem! There are a variety of ways we can work together from here. 

[List ways to work together]

Email me at [your email address] to request a quote and get started!

time to say goodbye

But that doesn’t mean I’m not here for you if you need me. If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page then please email them to me at [your email address].

I can’t promise I’ll email you back right away because, as I’m sure you understand, my immediate time goes to my current clients. However, you can be sure you’ll receive a reply on Thursday’s or Friday’s between 9 – 5pm!